Allegheny Ethical CS

Allegheny Mozilla Fellows Program


The Allegheny Mozilla Fellows program at Allegheny College includes students majoring in Computer Science who work on various projects for the Allegheny Ethical CS initiative. They develop automated grading and analyzing tools, they help create concepts and implementations for class activities and lab assignments, they do testing, they run focus groups and break out sessions. Throughout their work, Mozilla Fellows also gain a valuable insight from interrogating issues of social responsibility in computing and from reflecting on their own computer science studies.

Mozilla Fellows who have contributed to the project so far:

Teona Bagashvili
Matthew Baldeosingh
Isaac Barrezueta
Pedro Carmo
Declan Casey
Adam Cook
Megan Corletti
Kate Folkenroth
Madelyn Kapfhammer
Bailey Matrascia
Sweta Rauniyar
Hannah Schultz
Daniel Ullrich
Jordan Wilson
Elisia Wright
Lancaster Wu
Enpu You